Tramp stamp lower back

Soraya B. from Berlin29. November 2017

"Tramp stamp lower back"

IMAGE coggyx tattoo
COLOUR black
COST 600 €

? Why do I get my tramp stamp removed?

I just don't like it anymore and the trend is long gone.

? How come, that I feel the laser treatment so intensely?

I was told, that it's the high energy bursting the colour pigments. You can feel that in your skin and it's uncomfortable. But cooling helps a lot. You get used to the pain.

? Where do I go when I want to get my tattoo removed?

At first, I surfed the web and read reviews... then I checked out the studio to get a personal impression. The extensive consultation and high-quality technology convinced me. I pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene and the friendly atmosphere, I felt instantly at home at tattoolos.

? How long does a tattoo removal take?

I know, a tattoo removal can take 1-1,5 years depending on tattoo colour, body part and circulation / I just reached half-time!

? Do you have any idea why removing a tattoo is more expensive than getting one?

Well, because of the quality lasers, the specialized personnel, etc. - the training is way different from a tattoo artist's.