The gentle method without leaving scars. Tattoo laser removal has established as standard tool for successful tattoo removal. Thanks to this modern laser technique we can guarantee an efficient treatment, which hardly causes pain and does not leave any scars. More and more people want a long-lasting and effective solution to say goodbye to their now disturbing tattoos or unwanted permanent make-up.

Tattoo removal with laser – a gentle method
Continuous developement and improvement in laser technology make it possible for you to now have your tattoo removed by our qualified and experienced experts. You can find a list of all our tattoolos experts and stores here.

The pigments of a tattoo or permanent make-up are treated punctual, selectively and gently by the laser for tattoo removal. The laser does not cause any harm to your skin in this process. Those times are gone, when the skin needed to be burnt or grinded. Our best results have been achieved when using the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. This specific laser is especially gentle to the skin and has left many satisfied customers assured – with perfect skin results and entirely vanished tattoos.

Tattoo laser removal does not have to cost a fortune!

Nowadays people from all different socio-economic backgrounds and age groups have their tattoos lasered. Everybody is able to afford a well done tattoo removal by laser. Everyone, who cares about their skin and about an efficient and complete removal of their tattoo, reads all the information and decides to see a specialists. Most clients experience the laser treatment as much less painful as the moment, when they actually got their tattoo. On the other hand, there are clients, who describe exactly the opposite. As usual the truth lies somewhere inbetween. For sure everyone can only speak for themselves and their own sensation of pain.

But apart from this, happiness outplays the pain for everyone, when they see the tattoo vanish more and more with each laser treatment, that only takes a few minutes.

Removing tattoos with laser treatment is state of the art and a contemporary solution. It makes all happy, who have already said goodbye to their tattoo: no matter if they do not have to look at their ex-partner’s name on their upper arm in the mirror every morning anymore or an old unfashionable tattoo was brigthened up, so it can be covered up with the tattoo of your dreams. Today I want to be tattoo-free as well!



    The laser experts at Tattoolos live up to their good reputation. They openly discussed risks and honestly shared the chances of success for my tattoo removal with me. I instantly felt I could trust them - and also the results were first-rate.

    Jana, Manager

    Tattoolos achieved an ideal cover-up preparation for my old tattoo - and it only took them three treatments! I am extremly glad to have trusted the laser experts from Tattoolos with the partial removal of my tattoo.

    Melina, businesswoman from Berlin

    Tattoolos was a decision I made for the future of my professional career. The tattoo removal had to be effective and couldn't leave any scars. With the laser experts at Tattoolos it's not just the results that are fine, also the ratio of price and performance is excellent!

    Marcel, aspirant comissiar (student)


It takes about 8-12 sessions to remove a tattoo effectively and in a skin-friendly way. Amateur tattoos and permanent make-up usually do require significantly fewer treatments. The pigments brighten up with each treatment. The tattoo starts fading away, until it eventually vanishes completely.

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Regarding the costs it is best, if you calculate with about ten times the price you paid for your tattoo, because you can expect to receive approximately ten treatments, before the tattoo is gone.


Tattoo removal with laser is the most effective and gentle technique of tattoo removal. But there are some things to be aware of in order to avoid complications and unpleasant side effects. The risk of remaining scars is noticeably under 5% – and with the correct application of the method and proper aftercare it is almost impossible. Be sure to use enough sunblock to avoid pigmentary abnormality. Especially after the first few sessions incrustation and blisters are possible. They must not be removed mechanically. Please, make sure to support your body during the tattoo removal. Ask your laser therapist for special care products that also support detoxification and purification.


Laser therapy kicks of the process. But your body also has to play its role in the process of removing the tattoo. As soon as the pigments have been minimized by the laser, the body starts braking them down. To enhance this process you can use special teas, balms or even body oils. When booking a flat rate with your tattoo removal, you automatically receive complementary care products of our house brand. Do you want to learn more about Shejoba?


You know yourself and your body best. Everyone reacts differently. Most of our clients are happy to finally get rid of their tattoo and therefore have a positive attitude during the treatment. Under stress or when you do not feel well, you are more sensitive to pain. In such cases we recommend to re-schedule for a moment, when you are more relaxed again. Many customers have told us, that the feeling is an unpleasant sensation – about the same as having a rubber band flicked on your skin. Fortunately the laser is very fast, so that this feeling only lasts for a few minutes.



The removal of a tattoo is dependent on many factors: a healthy immune system, the age of the tattoo, the density of color as well as the substances in the ink. Generally our clients come for 8-12 treatments with breaks of 6-9 weeks between each treatment. Get your non-binding offer for a tattoo removal now by clicking on the tattoo price check.


IT’S ACTUALLY TRENDY TO BE TATTOO-FREE! For years now tattoos have been socially acceptable in all classes and environments and are enjoying great popularity – with tendency to rise! Almost every 10th German has one of these allegedly original body ornaments, whereupon more and more young people decide to have a tattoo spontaneously.

However with growing age, for professional or even private reasons such as a new partnership, the excitement for everlasting love declarations or comic heroes on your skin often decreases. Some tattoos simply go out of fashion, such as e.g. the infamous 90s tailbone tattoos. Therefore the desire to free yourself from your tattoo is absolutely en vogue. Not so long ago this decision to make your youthful folly undone, was a hard and painful process. Fortunately health and attractiveness – for most people the most important components of their personal happiness – can be restored more easily these days. Thanks to state-of-the-art laser techniques and the tattoolos-method we gladly remove unwanted body ornaments effectively, almost pain-free and gently.

When your tattoo starts to be a problem. Trends change and fashion is temporary, affections and your attitude towards life can change as well – and that’s when youthful folly starts to strike back. You do not like the motive anymore, your body ornaments baffles your career plans, or the old tattoo has to make space for a new motive. Our clients choose to have a scar-free and pain-free tattoo removal with tattoolos for a lot of different reasons.



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