Nd:YAG laser for tattoo removal

Modern laser technology is applied in various fields. It is integral to medicine. Thanks to the fast continuous enhancements of laser systems tattoo removal today can be performed effectively and gentle to the skin.

Especially the Nd:YAG laser has become the standard tool of pigment removal. It is a solid-state laser and one of the most commonly used lasers.

What does Nd:YAG laser mean?

Nd:YAG is short for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet.

Nd: Neodym. The rare earth metal optimizes the light output of the laser amongst other functions.

YAG: Yttrium aluminium garnet is an artificially produced crystal.

Laser: Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation


The treatment with Nd:YAG laser is considered to be very kind to skin. This is, because the laser is q-switched. The so-called q-switched technology lets the intensely compressed and high-energy light of the laser only operate for one-billionth of a second (one nanosecond) on your skin. The shorter the exposure time, the gentler the treatment is to your skin. By now, there are also laser systems that operate within the time-frame of picoseconds. These new kinds of laser are supposed to be even more gentle to skin. But some studies suggest that the treatment with a pico laser is not necessarily as effective. Please ask a professional for more information.

In which wavelengths does the Nd:YAG laser operate?

To achieve optimum treatment results for tattoo and permanent make-up removal, it is important to adjust the wavelength to the target structure. The absorption behaviour of each tattoo colour is different. For instance, red pigment react to the wavelength 532nm best. Dark pigments react to the wavelength 1064 nm and green pigments to 755nm.

There are Nd:YAG lasers that operate with four different wavelengths. Apart from the standard wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm the QX Max from Fotona also operates with the wavelengths 650nm and 585nm. This way, almost every tattoo colour can be treated. Another example is the TattooStar Effekt combination from Asclepion. This laser made in Germany offers a Nd:YAG laser as well as an integrated ruby laser. With the later, green pigments are easily removed.


Use our guide for tattoo and permanent make-up removal. It contains a lot of interesting information and support. We are also happy meet you and advise you in one of our professional tattoolos studios.


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Types of lasers and according laser light

Rubin Laser694 nmred
Alexandrit Laser755 nmred
Nd:YAG Laser1064 nminfrared
Nd:YAG Laser (KTP)532 nmgreen

Which laser wavelength

The diagram illustrates, which colour pigments react best to which wavelength. Keep in mind, that there are over 100 different black tones and that colours might be mixed in your tattoo. So it might be necessary to use different wavelengths to achieve perfect treatment results.

Please consult with your tattoolos specialist in your studio with which wavelength your tattoo or permanent make-up should be treated. We are happy to give you an extensive consultation without any obligation and always perform a free trial treatment. This is the only way to ensure that your tattoo removal is done with the correct wavelength.

Wavelength1064 nm532 nm755 nm694 nm
blackvery good-goodgood
blauvery good-goodgood
rot-very good--
grün--goodvery good

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