If you occupy yourself with tattoo removal, you also have to deal with the ingredients of tattoo ink and possible problems. According to a study published in the magazine ÖKO-Test (issue 1/2013) substances like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, formaldehyde separators and questionable preservatives were found in tattoo ink. Even nickel appeared from time to time.


The principle of holistic tattoo removal takes it one step further than all conventional methods of tattoo removal by laser. The aim is a complete detoxification of all tattoo substances and its metabolites from the body.

That means, concentrating “only” on the tattoo removal is not enough. A lot of other important factors have to be considered to achieve a complete removal of the tattoo and all its substances.


Our body constantly metabolizes the substances that it need for survival. This process also create metabolic waste products that have to be eliminated via skin, lungs, liver, kidneys and bowels. Extremely small particles like dust or other toxins from our environment also have to be eliminated, otherwise they would impact the body's functions and cause chronic diseases. Confronted with a sheer unclear amount of toxins, our organs might finally give up their function. This way, toxins are stored in our tissues. The liver often gets overstrained, which can be perceived in high liver values in a blood test. Basically, detoxification is about preventing negative long-term effects, like e.g. metabolic syndrome. The welcoming side-effect: symptoms like fatigue, exhaustion and sluggishness as well as digestive problems improve.

You should also pay attention to a well-functioning digestion, since many metabolic waste products are eliminated in the bowels. Insufficient digestion and elimination can lead to a reabsorption into the lymphatic system and blood stream.


After breaking up the ink with high-energy light, the destroyed pigments are removed by the immune system, more precisely by macrophages, and transferred to the lymphatic system. After passing the lymph nodes the pigments get into the bloodstream and all organs. Liver and kidneys are our primary detoxifying organs.

The liver metabolizes and breaks down the substances of the tattoo ink. The metabolic waste products are then eliminated through the kidneys or bowels. Substances that the body cannot eliminate (e.g. heavy metals) are stored in connective tissues.

The aim here is to support the body in eliminating foreign substances and offer tools that help its cleansing processes.

1. Process of tattooing: Tattoo needles insert the colour into the dermis. Since the epidermis is very thin, the colour can shine through.
2. Colour retention: The macrophages cannot transfer big pigments to the lymphatic system. They are stored in the tissue.
3. Laser treatment: The laser irradiation heats up the pigments until they burst into many small particles.
4. Colour removal: The small colour particles are absorbed by macrophages and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Holistic tattoo removal focuses on the body’s primary detoxifying and cleansing organs.

Especially, the lymphatic system, as well as liver and kidneys are important to this process. But also, nutrition and metabolism are key. Holistic tattoo removal focuses primarily on the liver as our main metabolic organ and the lymphatic system.

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