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Tattoo Removal

More and more people have their tattoos removed. Their self-perception has changed, their new job requires to get rid of it or it simply has transformed and looks unaesthetic by now. We provide either complete tattoo removal by laser treatment or prepare old tattoos for cover-up. Also permanent make-up is removed by us with lasers. Not all tattoo removal is the same. Methods such as waterjet-cutting, surgery or also abrasion techniques (such as e.g. salabrasion) are extremly painful and almost always cause remaining scars. We also highly recommend not to experiment with caustic lotions or unctions, which usually cause bad inflammation of the skin and consequently scars. Best results are shown in tattoo removal done with lasers. Which makes perfect sense, if you keep in mind how and of what tattoos are made in the first place.


Some factors have to be right, so you can happily become tattoo-free

Each treatment is individual and apart from the used pigments also the dermal tissue as well as the pre- and post-treatment are crucial elements for a successful removal.


Check for the hygienic standard in the studio. We have our stores regularly audited by independent institutions. Our official seal guarantees the best hygienic standard and utmost safety.


Training and longtime experience through daily practice with lasers and tattoo removals are the key criteria when choosing your laser therapist.

Care instructions

We highly recommend to absolutely and by all means obey the tipps and care instructions for post treatment of tattoo removals. This includes not to sunbathe in the 4 weeks prior to the start of the treatment.

Consultation & sample treatment

Have a detailed and free-of-charge first consultancy, make an appointment for a test treatment and insist on running a health check before starting the treatment.

Individually & Competent

Special complementary treatment offers and care products help your skin regenerate completely and should be offered by your tattoo removal specialist.

Appointments & Opening times

Before starting the treatment, check how flexibly appointments can be scheduled. Our team is also available for you off our regular opening hours and on weekends.

The tattoolos guarantee

We are serious!

Be tattoo-free easily! We guarantee you tattoo removal for a fixed price. There won't be any unpleasant financial surprises coming with your tattoo-free skin. Make your free consultancy appointment now!

So how does tattoo removal work?

Removing your tattoo step by step

When getting a tattoo, pigments are pierced into your skin with a needle. As the first skin layer, called epidermis, is razor-thin and regenerates constantly, the color needs to reach the second skin layer, the dermis. But it is only big and antisoluble pigments that can be permanently stored in your tissue. Smaller pigments are released to the lymphatic system by the so-called macrophages, which is Greek and translates into “devour cells”. To remove a tattoo, the colored skin parts are treated with the laser. The laser heats the big pigments up to several hundered degrees for a nanosecond and causes them to burst into tiny pieces. These little particles then are released to and broken down by your lymphatic system. As the laser can only remove the tattoo selectively, point by point, several treatment sessions are necessary, depending on the size of the tattoo.
# 1 The tattooing process
Tattoo needles pierce the color in the dermis. The empidermis being very, very thin allows for the color on the dermis to shine through. The marcophages cannot break down the big pigments through the lympathtic system.
# 2 Laser treatment
The energy of the laser heats up the big pigments till they burst into many little pieces.
# 3 Color removal
These little pigments are absorbed by the macrophages and broken down by the lymphatic system. Assure yourself and browse through the before-and-after photo gallery of our happy customers.

Before- / After

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Consulting and treatment

Information about tattoo removal

Before even starting the treatment, tattoolos will inform you about the procedures of tattoo removal or the removal of unwanted permanent make-up and how you can best support a successful treatment yourself in an detailed and free-of-charge consultancy session. After this first meeting, we will fix another appointment and give you all important information also in writing. The duration of one laser treatment depends on the size of your tattoo, generally one session takes between ten and twenty minutes. We therefore kindly ask you to “bring a little bit of spare time” with you, so we can finish the treatment in peace and also have time for possible questions.
In between the single treatments there should a 4-6 weeks break, so that the treated area can heal and recover in between. Treatment costs depend on the ink, that was used and the type and size of the tattoo.
Thanks to a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser we are able to remove tattoos effectively and without causing pain or scars. Q-swtiched means, that the light of the laser is being accumulated and then released on the pigments on the skin in one highly compressed, extremly short light pulse. The light recognizes the relevant pigments and the shock wave of the laser pulse causes a mechanical disruption of the pigments.
Due to the extremly short time of the laser pulse, the surrounding skin stays safe and without scars.
But it is utterly important to also follow the tipps on how to care for the treated areas on your skin. Swelling and irritations, that can occur directly after treatment are best cured by putting cooling pads on them. Furthermore it is not unusual for slough (scarf) to occur on the tattoo. In order to stay without scars it is absolutely necessary not to scratch this area. Otherwise there will be permanent scars left. Another tabu is to wear things that are too tight or to sunbathe during the healing process. On the other hand fresh air is extremly important. Therefore you can not in any case put plaster on your tattoo. In the first two weeks after treatment, drink two glasses of pinaple juice per day. The enzymes of the pineapple support the recovery of the skin.
Wound healing and aftercare: Our guide for tattoo removal will soon be translated into English as well.
For the German version klick here: (LINK)
You can always ask our qualified colleagues for more tipps and information in the tattoolos stores in Germany and Switzerland. Make your free appointment now and get all necessary information about about modern, holistic tattoo removal. Our team is happy to explain the exact procedures to you and to inform you about possible risks and side effects of laser-based tattoo removal.
We look forward to hearing from you!



Information on tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Guide

Read our guide about tattoo and permanent make-up removals. You will find lots of very useful information and guidance, e.g. about aftercare and support. Please, feel free to also contact us directly, should there be any questions.

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