Removal of age spots

Removal of age spots

Possibilities, costs and risks regarding the removal of age spots

Many people want get as much sun as they can. This is understandable, because the ultraviolet light of the sun puts you in happy mood, lowers your blood pressure and boosts the production of vitamin D.

What are age spots and how do they occur?
Age spots are benign pigmentary abnormalities. These brownish, sharply defined pigmented moles are also called lentigines seniles or lentigines solares. They often start occurring at the age of 40 and mostly in the areas of the body, that are often exposed to sun. So they mainly affect the hands, the arms, the cleavage and the face. Age spots do not fade in winter like freckles.


Age spots are totally harmless and mainly an aesthetic issue.

Melanin is part of the cells of our skin. Under the influence of ultraviolet light (solarium or sun light) the level of melanin pigments increases. The skin starts to become more brown. The produced melanin protects our body and reduces the impact of ultraviolet radiation on our skin. The long-lived unprotected or not sufficiently protected consumption of sun damages our skin. One occurrence of light damage on our skin are age spots.

How can age spots be removed?
There are various methods to remove age spots. One option is to peel off the superficial intensely pigmented skin layer with the help of a fruit acid peeling. But be careful! In case of inaccurate usage or wrong aftercare, scarring and inflammation can be possible consequences. The skin is extremely sensitive after the peeling. Usually such a peeling costs between 100 and 300 Euro.

Tattoo removal with laser treatment

Bleaching creams are supposed to brighten up the age spots and reduce the production of melanin. The effect only shows after a few weeks. If your skin is very sensitive, such creams can cause irritations and itchiness. The so-called dermabrasion is a method, that requires local anesthesia in order to remove the upper layer of your skin. The epidermis then regenerates later. This is a rather brutal way to say goodbye to your age spots. Very often the skin stays irritated and hypersensitive for weeks after the treatment. Of course there is also high risk of scarring.

The laser treatment for age spots is supposed to be the most effective and skin-sensitive solution. Also in this case the Nd:YAG laser is the best tool to remove this pigment deposit. Similar to the tattoo removal treatment, the pigments are reduced to small pieces by the energy of the laser. These tiny pigments then are “eaten” by the macrophages and broken down by the immune system. In general it only requires 1-2 sessions to create the expected result. The right aftercare also plays an important role here. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to expose the treated areas to the sun after the treatment.

The costs for the laser treatment for age spots are dependent on the number and size of the age spots. Generally a session costs between 65 and 150 Euros.

Please note: Age spots are totally harmless. Sometimes however age spots can not be recognized immediately as they can look very similar to melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer.

Important information: Before we can perform the laser treatment on your skin, the pigments must be carefully checked by a dermatologist. Should there be any skin or pigmentary abnormalities, that increase over time, please go and see your doctor.

We would like to point out that the information provided here on that website, can only be used as general information and without obligation. The given information and advice on this website do not replace a consultation with your doctor.


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