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Want to remove this old Tattoo from back when? Get rid of a permanent Makeup that doesn´t suit you anymore? Our tattoolos specialist and medical doctor Dr.med. Stefan Brigge will Laser your delicate skin efficient and gentle. Get your free consultation appointment with Dr.med. Stefan Brigge and learn all about Tattoo removal, Permanent Makeup removal and age marks in our tattoolos laser clinic in Köln.

Our Laser clinic is equipped with different lasers systems all developed for Tattoo removal. So we can take care of dark, red and other colour pigments. Beeing the first Clinic Studio in Köln, specialised in holistic, gentle Tattoo removal we offer best results through best consultation, latest Laser technique and natural skin care products.

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Flexible Opening Hours
We offer individual appointments also on weekends and off business hours, short waiting times, and a “no questions left to ask” consulting.

Cashless payments
Cash, German EC, Visa or Mastercard. Please also ask for our 0% financing.

Getting here:
Bus 717, 910, 960 exit at Bachemer Str. or Bus 711,978 exit at Jacob-Eißer- Platz. If you decide to come by car, we offer free parking lots for our customers


Before your laser treatment we will run a free-of-charge health check and do a test treatment.

Our services in Köln for you!


Use our guide for tattoo and permanent make-up removal. It contains a lot of interesting information and support. We are also happy meet you and advise you in one of our professional tattoolos studios.


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Asclepion TattooStar Combo- High-quality Laser made in Germany

Our four wavelengths Laser TattooStar Combo is one of the most powerful systems for tattoo removal available in Hamburg. Professional technique for effective tattoo removal. Four wavelengths and an integrated Rubin Laser System takes tattoo removal to a new level. Even colored and stubborn tattoos can now be removed gentle yet effective. Laser systems made in Germany- precise, effective, gentle and reliable.

Tattoo removal in Köln

beeing the first Clinic to offer holistic tattoo removal in Köln. tattoolos cares for gentle, effective removal of this old ink under your skin. Every removal starts with a free consultation and health check with us to clear all questions individually. Since every tattoo is as individual as the skin it is under we offer a free test treatment so we get a sense of how your skin reacts and you get to experience a laser treatment before investing in it. Book your free consultation and health check now and learn all about holistic gentle Tattoo removal.
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Dr. med. Stefan Bigge

No Colour too difficult!

Kölns first four wavelength Laser removes almost any tattoo colour from under your skin. Most lasers operate on two wavelengtss (1064nm/532nm) only and only remove dark and red colours. Having our Laser operating on two extra wavelengths (585nm/650nm) we are now able to remove blue, turquoise, light blue, green and purple tattoo colours with stunning results.


Professional cooling technique and medical laser Systems

For best results in tattoo removal, tattoolos applies high-end medical laser and professional cooling technique. Our cooling unit “Cryo6 Derma” takes tattoo removal to a new level. During treatment the skin is cooled down up to minus thirty degrees, numbing the pain receptors in the skin effectively, resulting in an almost pain-free treatment experience. Combined with Berlins first four wavelengths Laser “Fontona QX Max” offering the highest single pulse power possible our tattoo removals stand the test of comfort and quality.


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