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Our Studio for painless, delicate tattoo removal is located close to Neuer Pferdemarkt inbetween Hamburg´s two vibrant districts Sternschanze and St. Pauli. Since 2008 we are focused on effectively removing tattoos, permanent makeup and unwanted pigmentation. Get your tattoo removal from our dedicated specialists. Beeing the only Studio offering a holistic tattoo removal concept all our specialists are Naturopaths with a special certified training in tattoo removal. To make sure you get the smoothest tattoo or permanent makeup removal available, come in for a free consultation and test treatment.

We are happy to welcome you here at tattoolos Hamburg St.Pauli

Flexible Opening Hours
Got a busy life? No time during „normal“ business hours? We are open till late and also on Saturdays on demand. We make individual appointments only, to ensure you and your skin get the most attention possible.

Cashless payments
You can easily pay without cash in our studio. Just use your German EC card or credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Please, also ask for our 0% financing.

Certified hygienic standards
Since 2008 tattoolos meets highest hygienique standards and is beeing monitored by independent Institutions.


Before your laser treatment we will run a free-of-charge health check and do a test treatment.

Our services in Hamburg for you!


Use our guide for tattoo and permanent make-up removal. It contains a lot of interesting information and support. We are also happy meet you and advise you in one of our professional tattoolos studios.


We are also here for you on the following channels!

Asclepion TattooStar Combo- High-quality Laser made in Germany

Our four wavelengths Laser TattooStar Combo is one of the most powerful systems for tattoo removal available in Hamburg. Professional technique for effective tattoo removal. Four wavelengths and an integrated Rubin Laser System takes tattoo removal to a new level. Even colored and stubborn tattoos can now be removed gentle yet effective. Laser systems made in Germany- precise, effective, gentle and reliable.

Tattooremoval in Hamburg

Beeing the leading high-end provider in tattoo removal our professional team in Hamburg uses only state of the art lasers, fulfilling highest requirements in technique and safety. Our four wavelengths lasers-Made in Germany removes one or multiple colors tattoos, permanent Make Up and age spots.

Expect best results, a detailed consultation and a special care for you and your needs in a cozy yet professional atmosphere in our Studio at Hamburg Sternschanze. Our Naturopaths will take care of all your needs around tattoo removal. conscientious lasering and a unique holistic approach to tattoo removal ensure a gentle yet effective treatment.

It is part of our policy to only laser you after a health check up and a test treatment for good and healthy results.

Book your free consultation with our specialists right away and get all information needed for a good and healthy decision on tattoo removal. We offer online booking. Call back service or Skype calls.

No Colour too difficult!

Berlins first four wavelength Laser removes almost any tattoo colour from under your skin. Most lasers operate on two wavelengtss (1064nm/532nm) only and only remove dark and red colours. Having our Laser operating on two extra wavelengths (585nm/650nm) we are now able to remove blue, turquoise, light blue, green and purple tattoo colours with stunning results.


Professional cooling technique and medical laser Systems

For a painless treatment, intensive cooling is required. We are not using those cooling packs you keep at home in your fridge but the professional cooling unit “Cryo Derma6” emitting up to minus thirty degrees Celsius cool air, numbing the pain receptors in your skin. The TattooStar Effect Combo is a four wavelengths Laser Made in Germany.


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